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Gift Set

  • Gifts for Women: The happy birthday gift sets are designed with a rose theme. Each carefully packaged product has a corresponding rose element, providing her with a dual experience of sight and smell. She will definitely be full of praise when she receives the gift
  • When she opens the gift box, the sweet fragrance of roses spreads instantly, and the rich scent of the flowers brings her into the cozy world of being cared for and pampered. This will be the most unforgettable relaxation gifts for her!
  • Spa Gifts for Women: Each gift kit includes 1 x handmade diamond soap, 1 x bathtub soap dish, 1 x scented candle, 1 x spa headband, 1 x bath bombs, 1 x bath salt, 1 x dried red rose petals, 1 x rose soap flower, and 1 x Flower Greeting Card (you can write down your blessing, it will be her biggest surprise!)
  • Birthday Gifts for Her: This unique gifts are crafted for each unique woman. Each gift in the box has been carefully selected and thoughtfully packaged to convey your deep love and heartfelt blessings. It is the perfect gift for women, mothers, female friends, sisters, bridesmaids, grandmothers, wives, young girls, girlfriends, or anyone you care about
  • Gifts for Women Who Have Everything: In every special moment, this womens gifts is the best choice. Whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary, or any moment in time, let this birthday gifts box be the beginning of beautiful memories. Allow her to feel your heartfelt care during these special moments, adding a warm and colorful touch to her life

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